College Financial Coach for Moneythink in San Francisco Bay Area

College Financial Coach

Moneythink - San Francisco Bay Area - Full time

Moneythink - San Francisco Bay Area - Full time

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The American higher education system is broken: only 12% of low-income youth successfully obtain a bachelor’s degree in their lifetime and 70% of those who drop out cite financial stress as the major cause. Moneythink coaches provide an innovative response, enabling students to be successful despite financial challenges.

Coaches provide one-on-one, text-message-based guidance to students. You’ll work with our knowledge and tools to develop relationships that lead to measurable impacts for hundreds of students. You’ll help students make progress toward college success every day.

As a coach at Moneythink, you’ll be in a one-of-a-kind position -- you will be part motivator, part tech support, part financial aid expert, part financial advisor, and part behavioral scientist. Here is what a typical day might look like: First thing in the morning you check the inbox for any urgent messages from students and then review your data dashboard in order to start planning who to reach out to that day. At 10am you meet with the coaching team to talk about your daily goals. You then spend the next couple hours crafting conversations with students and updating your student records. At one point, you wait on hold for 15 minutes when you call a school’s Financial Aid Office to find out about a student deadline -- but you eventually get an answer and can help your student. At the end of the day, you spend some time writing a guide that helps students cut their textbook costs.

As a part of a growing nonprofit tech startup, you’ll partner with our product development team to constantly develop better student-facing software and coach-supporting tools that make us more effective and empower us to scale. You’ll help accelerate the national movement for college affordability and equal access to opportunity.


  • You will guide high school seniors to complete goals for financial aid, college match, college budgeting, and transitioning to college.
  • Craft highly effective messages to students by incorporating information about a student, with an understanding of their context, efficient conversation design, and clear writing.
  • Manage a caseload of 250 - 300 students. Practice effective triaging through diligent maintenance of student records and using up-to-date data to prioritize outreach.
  • Observe trends in your conversations to proactively identify challenges and new opportunities to bring to your team.
  • Build a detailed understanding of financial aid systems to help students troubleshoot complex financial aid questions.
  • Research college systems and document findings to increase the effectiveness of your team.
  • Use new tools and software developed by Moneythink. Work closely with our product team to develop increasingly powerful technology to support students and coaches.


Balance planning with task management: Build a plan for a caseload of students while executing effective communications with each individual.

Write clearly: Craft clear actionable messages to students and compose effective student-facing guides.

Attend to detail: Ensure that information given to students is high-quality. Be disciplined about maintaining student records in real-time.

Learn, and help others learn: Be excited to absorb knowledge, test your understanding, and share your learnings with others.

Reflect, empathize, and question assumptions: Seek to understand the student perspective and experience. Be aware of what you do and don’t know about a student.

Practice receiving and giving feedback: Be excited to find better ways to do things. Ask for feedback to improve and offer new ideas to others.

Be persistent: Don’t give up on students. Bring resourcefulness and skill in navigating bureaucratic systems.

Bring positivity to change: We make changes as we learn. Be excited for continuous improvement.

Bring passion & ambition for our mission: We’re incredibly motivated to make higher education work for students. Join us in this bold vision.

[Bonus!] Spanish fluency: Provide top notch coaching to our Spanish speaking students. This is preferred, but not required.

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Moneythink is a national tech nonprofit that empowers under-resourced youth to achieve college success. Our team of college financial coaches utilizes text-messaging to provide personalized support to high school seniors as they navigate the complicated processes of applying for college.

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