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  • What you’ll be doing

You will join us as our first coach hire and the third coach overall. After the appropriate training, your primary role will be to directly coach ten students on a weekly basis. You will work with the co-founders to continuously improve our coaching curriculum and, more broadly, to build a world-class, mission-driven organization that achieves its mission: to enable all students to graduate from high school with the achievement skills often associated with successful entrepreneurs and the confidence that comes from having achieved great things in an area of deep passion. 

Position Description

We are hiring a full-time employee to coach ~ten students on a weekly basis. The primary responsibilities include:

  • 1.5 hours of 1:1 weekly coaching with each student
  • 1-3 hours weekly of coaching prep, office hours, networking, research and communication with student stakeholders, report writing and other miscellaneous support per student
  • Initial training and continuous self-development
  • Cross-coaching to support other coaches, i.e. brainstorming Spike ideas
  • Continuous, agile curriculum development
  • Blogging and writing
  • The unexpected... we are a lean startup so expect other ad hoc responsibilities like supporting the co-founders on prospective student interviews and much more.


  • Degree from a top US College
  • US Citizen or permanent resident
  • Based in or near New York City
  • Experience as a coach or educator
  • By coach, we are not referring an athletic coach but rather the definition more closely relating to professional mentors or advisors.
  • By educator, we are referring primarily to teachers, counselors or other instructors who have experience helping young people achieve success.
  • Experience building “Spikes” -- taking initiative to achieve impressive things
  • Strong achievement skills, including planning, communication, networking, problem-solving, discipline, perseverance, adaptability, initiative and curiosity
  • Strong interpersonal skills: High EQ
  • Entrepreneurially-minded
  • Mandarin fluency or proficiency preferred (not required)
  • US College admissions expertise preferred (not required)

Job Details

  • Flexible work schedule and work location. Expectations include: regularly come to Uni Prep office and maintain high level of communication and collaboration with the rest of the team.
  • Travel: Available to travel periodically to Taiwan
  • Start Date: as soon as possible

To Apply

  • Contact Lloyd Nimetz, founder and coach of Uni Prep, via email:
  • Send letter or email explaining your interest and attach your resume or a link to your updated LinkedIn Profile

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Experience Level

Mid Level

Uni Prep

Uni Prep is a 6-month, 1:1 coaching program that works exclusively with Taiwan's top students to help them get into top U.S. colleges. The program is founded by Stanford University graduates and is the only program in Taiwan that specializes in Spike Coaching -- helping 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade students build out the type of deep achievements, expertise and passion they need to stand out when applying to top U.S. colleges.

  • Mission: Enable all students to graduate from high school with the achievement skills often associated with successful entrepreneurs and the confidence that comes from having achieved great things in an area of deep passion. The college admissions occasion creates a unique opportunity for transformational, project-based learning.
  • Company Inception: June, 2016
  • Students: 12 students as of April 10 and growing
  • Occasion: The last year was focused on defining our unique Spike Coaching curriculum/model and developing a high-quality, high-trust reputation among the families at the top schools in Taiwan. We are now starting to scale based on pent up demand (growing wait-list) for our coaching services.
  • Team: 3 including the two cofounders (in New York City) and a marketing & sales coordinator (in Taiwan)
  • Geography: we are based in New York City where we have an office in Herald Square. We travel frequently to Taiwan.
  • Financing: Bootstrapped and founder-funded
  • Website: Learn more at and visit our blog

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