Chief Data and Innovation Officer

Noble Network of Charter Schools - Chicago, Illinois - Full time

The Chief Data and Innovation Officer (CDIO) is a new role at Noble who will merge and lead two existing teams. This new leader will create the best team in the country for using technology to make work in schools more sustainable and efficient, while still valuing the individual approaches and preferences of teachers. The CDIO will serve on the senior leadership team at Noble, reporting to the Interim President, and be a highly skilled technical practitioner. Through their leadership, existing data and tool infrastructure will continue to be available and accurate for teachers, staff, and students; and Noble will migrate to using DevOps and continuous improvement processes to solve new challenges sustainably. Additionally, the CDIO will serve as a leader in the national education community, employing an open source approach to extend the reach of Noble’s innovations to hundreds of thousands of students around the country.

Responsibilities include:

1. Manage the existing data and tool work across the network so that users maintain a consistent experience; this work is conducted by data analysts, software developers, and Student Information System managers and the tools include:

  1. Student Information System (PowerSchool) used daily by school staff to run school operations like scheduling, attendance, and grades
  2. Tableau-based dashboard system used daily by leadership and school staff to track progress against a wide range of educational outcomes
  3. Salesforce - based systems for managing community contacts and relationships and for supporting and tracking alumni in college
  4. Python and Excel-driven tools for helping students and college counselors weigh all applicable factors in making their college choices, including predictions of admission odds
  5. Postgres data warehouse storing historical backups and assessment information

2. Lead the generation of sophisticated statistical insights that improve the management and operation of our schools; examples of typical topics include

  1. Assessing the disparate impact of local community crime and elementary school quality and how it determines the needs of different school and student populations in order to arrive at equitable outcomes
  2. Analyzing trends in student assessments to predict growth and content areas requiring additional focus
  3. Predicting student-level odds of college persistence in order to target additional alumni support

3. Create new tools and solutions to challenges faced by practitioners at Noble using the following principles:

  1. Innovate quickly and share with users as soon as possible
  2. Prioritize accessibility and usage by accommodating as many requests as feasible
  3. Minimize technical debt and use industry standard software development practices
  4. Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks

Candidate Qualifications

The ideal candidate will be service oriented, have a relentless curiosity, and possess a sense of humor. Candidates should have:

  • Unwavering commitment to Noble's mission of preparing students for college success
  • Strong leadership skills and a demonstrated ability to manage teams in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Ability to work collaboratively and communicate with a diverse group of leaders and stakeholders
  • Deep experience in software development and database management, ideally with some background in Python and DevOps
  • Sound quantitative experience in statistical analysis and interpretation with some knowledge of machine learning
  • Knowledge of education and school operations is preferable, but not required

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Noble Network of Charter Schools

Noble is Chicago’s highest-performing and largest network of public charter high schools. 99% of Noble students are accepted into college and 89% choose to enroll, resulting in over 6,200 alum who have received or are currently pursuing a college degree.

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