Charter School Founding Teacher

Alma Fuerte Public School - Altadena, CA - Full time


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If you want…

-Your teaching to be treated as an act of artistic creativity

-The freedom to innovate with your ideas

-Unlimited room to grow your career

-To be trusted as a leader, and given ownership of your school

-To change the world

Read on…

Your Teaching Can Be Art Again…

At Alma Fuerte, we believe that teaching is a form of art. An act of creativity.

Far too often education is, scripted, limited, regulated, and tested out of the profession. At Alma Fuerte, you will have the opportunity to create learning experiences that are truly meaningful. To explore the depths of your creativity. To work at perfecting your craft.

Freedom to Innovate…

Innovation requires the space to try. It requires support. At Alma Fuerte your innovative spirit is prized and will be nurtured.

That innovative spirit thrives from interactions with other innovators. At Alma Fuerte you won’t teach in isolation. You will be part of a high performing team that teaches and grows together, learning from experts in the field and each other.

Unlimited Room to Advance…

We are one school now.

We will be expanding and it is our founding teachers who will lead the development of our next generation schools.

Further, at Alma Fuerte, you will be on the cutting edge of education innovation. You will have the opportunity to speak, to publish research, to become a leader in education. Alma Fuerte will incubate your awesomeness.


At Alma Fuerte if we hire you, we trust you to be excellent…to be great. We display trust by empowering you to drive curricular decisions. We demonstrate it in our flexible employment policies. We display it by entrusting you to co-design key aspects of Alma Fuerte.


What happens in Alma Fuerte, does not stay in Alma Fuerte. In addition to launching additional schools, Alma Fuerte will publish and spread the insights we gain with partners in the local, national, and international education communities. We will foster opportunities for our faculty to share their insight and excellence.

If the idea of being a founding teacher at Alma Fuerte is exciting to you… you can apply at


We believe a school should be more than preparation for the next grade. More than high school or college prep. We believe a school should prepare children to embrace their humanness and become the creators, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow.

Our world and our communities are increasingly facing challenges requiring “first principles thinking.” Where deeply creative problem solving and ongoing comfort with facing challenges is the only path to solutions at the limits of human knowledge and where integrating with teams and technology is critical to building a better world.

Alma Fuerte will prepare our children for these challenges by immersing them in an environment that simulates entrepreneurship from the first day of kindergarten and upon graduation, they will have launched a company of their design.

Through your teaching creativity, our students will develop social and leadership skills, emotional management skills, as well as developing a deep understanding of how they uniquely learn, how they think creatively, how to solve complex problems with systemic answers, and execute with excellence to turn their visions into reality.

-We are located in Altadena, CA

-We are starting as a TK – 2 school, expanding a grade each year

-We will open in August 2017

-We will begin professional development in July

What does this position include?

-Confident and compassionate leadership of your students

-Collaboration with other staff members, including teachers, Specialists, paraprofessionals, and Co-Directors

-Demonstrating and sharing best practices in blended and project-based learning both internally and externally

-A facilitative teaching style that develops students into independent learners

-Creating a safe and nurturing environment

-Maintaining high expectations and accountability for results

-Providing differentiated instruction and creating an environment where every student can succeed

-Keeping abreast of current events and developments in educational innovation and research, and incorporating them into lesson planning to the extent possible

-Ensuring students are growing and attaining grade level standards

-Backward design curriculum construction

-Implementation of student-centered lessons that incorporate the school’s definition of an educated person and emphasize active learning strategies, project-based learning and blended learning

-Assessing student progress and differentiating instruction

-Planning for and attending IEP meetings

-Knowledge of instructional approaches necessary to guide students to learn 21st century skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity

-Maintaining digital fluency in the quickly evolving world of educational technology

-Establishing effective working relationships with teachers, staff and parents

-Maintaining frequent communication with students, student’s families, colleagues, and other school stakeholders

There are certain things we need you to have...

-Enthusiasm for and strong commitment to Alma Fuerte’s values, mission and educational philosophy

-A current valid California Multiple subject teaching credential or you will have one in the fall

-A minimum of 2 year’s teaching at the TK-8 level, ideally in a high-performing public school

-Ability to administer and interpret results of assessment instruments

-Commitment to and experience working with a diverse population and diverse learners

-Experience working with parents and families

-Excellent communicator and facilitator

-Comfortable with a start-up environment, including fast growth and flexible roles

-You are eligible to work in the US

-Hiring is contingent on completing and clearing a background check and a TB test within the last four years.


It would also make us happy if….

-You are familiar the power of growth mindset

-You’ve been a founding teacher at a school or department in a school previously.

-You bring candor to your work and communications with others

-You are an awesome team member

-Kids with energy excite you instead of exhausting you.

-Your mission in life is to make the world a better place through education.

-You had 2+ years’ experience in project-based learning, blended learning, data-driven instruction, social-emotional learning

-You had prior experience with integrating technology programs into the classroom, and in using digital technology on a regular basis.

-You also possessed literacy expertise

-You also had an advanced degree (e.g., Masters degree)

-CLAD certificate (or equivalent California Commission on Teacher Credentialing EL certification) and/or BCLAD certificate (or equivalent) highly preferred

-You had prior experience employing Culturally Relevant Teaching in your classrooms.

-You had prior experience working with English Learners, students with disabilities and other diverse learners, including differentiation techniques


If Alma Fuerte sounds awesome to you, apply at

Mention “Founding Teacher” in your application.


As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability. We are strongly committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff and encourage applications from traditionally under-represented backgrounds. Reasonable accommodations may be made in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Alma Fuerte Public School

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