Director of Educator Community

Course Hero - Redwood City, CA - Full time

The Role:

The Director of Educator Community is a former educator with a business mindset who can help us build and engage a long-term community of college and university professors that love Course Hero’s platform and mission. You will make data driven decisions and develop key initiatives in an effort to ensure metrics like net promoter score and user engagement are high. As Course Hero’s trusted liaison, you will play a key role in educator acquisition and work with cross-functional teams to provide valuable user insight to drive product and content development innovation.

Course Hero has traditionally focused on college students, so our Director of Educator Community will have the unique opportunity to lead our efforts in engaging a new audience. We've started building out our Educators product, with a dedicated product team, and have seen early traction in Educators joining Course Hero. Our ideal candidate though, has a sense of entrepreneurialism, and is excited by the challenge of growing this community from the ground up, while the product continues to develop as well. 

Here are some ways you'll make an impact:

  • You'll leverage your existing network and other educator communities to proactively connect, and recruit educators on a daily basis.
  • You'll represent and deliver on our mission, messages, and initiatives to our educator community.
  • You'll develop and drive the community management and ROI strategy for various online and offline events to help increase engagement, and improve net promoter score.
  • You'll work with cross-functional teams to provide valuable user feedback, insight and research for product and content development.
  • You'll regularly report on key performance and operational indicators to internal stakeholders.

    Are you our Star Director?

    • You have 1+ years in a faculty (or similar) position at a 4-year college or university.
    • You've earned a Masters, or even a Ph.D.
    • You have prior work in marketing, growing online communities, and managing events.
    • You've built and maintained relationships with a large network of educators.
    • You've developed strong interpersonal and communication skills, and you display these in every interaction.
    • You possess an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to achieve tangible results.
    • You've achieved a strong history of teamwork, collaboration, leadership, and success.

    Bonus Points:

    • You've gained experience in writing for web, newsletters, blog posts, etc

    What We Offer You:

    • Industry competitive salary and stock options.
    • Full medical coverage (medical, dental, vision).
    • 401(k) program to help you save for the future
    • Educational assistance program to support life-long learning
    • Free Monday and Friday lunches, plus an endless snack and drink supply
    • Regularly planned team outings and company events.
    • Commuter benefits, cell-phone allowance, and a free gym membership
    • Opportunity to make a meaningful impact - education technology is revolutionizing the way we learn

    Apply Now

    Experience Level

    3 to 10 years

    Course Hero

    About Us:

    Course Hero is a fast-growing education technology company, building the world’s largest platform of crowdsourced learning materials and making education more accessible. Technology is revolutionizing the way we learn, and we’re committed to helping our community of more than 10 million students and educators to share and access the great educational resources that they need to succeed inside and outside the classroom. These resources include study guides, test prep, on-demand tutors, homework help, flashcards, lesson plans, and more.

    Our company culture is very flat, open, and collaborative. On our team, we problem solve, we think like owners, and we embrace a growth mindset as we work hard to continually better our product for students and educators worldwide. We’re growing fast, we’re profitable, and we’re looking for new team members to help us plot our course toward future success!

    Course Hero has received a Top Workplace Award from the Bay Area News Group for the second year in a row! 

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