Chemistry Domain Expert

CK-12 Foundation - Palo Alto, CA - Full time

At CK-12, we are on a noble and ambitious mission to give every child on earth equal and meaningful access to education. We are looking for a Chemistry expert who is passionate about changing how Chemistry is learned and taught by leveraging the true capability of a digital medium - by creating amazing Chemistry based simulations and interactive experiences.

Top Reasons to Work with Us:

  • Join a great team of passionate individuals who work day in and day out to make learning and teaching more effective and widely accessible
  • Work for a noble cause - education is the only source for a better tomorrow
  • Work on great products that are disrupting the education industry for the benefit of teachers and students
  • Have a strong direct influence on the changing landscape of Education Technology

What You Will Do:

  • Link 100+ chemistry concepts to real world applications
  • Visualize chemistry concepts for a range of academic levels, ages, and cultures
  • Create simulations that guide students through a concept and through levels within a concept with(out) explicit instructions
  • Employ/utilize a strong knowledge of applied chemistry (for example: how hydrocarbons help clean our dirty clothes)
  • Level all chemistry concepts to provide access for early learners and challenge for more experienced learners
  • Provide a variety of assessments for all levels of learners within chemistry concepts
  • Work with a variety of teams (including software developers, user experience, etc.) with a varied understanding of chemistry to build the simulations

What You Need for this Position:

More than 5+ Years of experience and knowledge:

  • Strong understanding of Chemistry
  • Understanding of where and how a given Chemistry concept is used in the real world
  • Understanding of what a simulation is. How can it add tremendous value to a learner?

Bonus points:

  • Teaching experience in Chemistry (ideally in K-12)
  • Basic understanding of technology like HTML/5
  • Experience building interactive content (for example: storyboarding)


Masters / PhD in Chemistry or equivalent 


Experience in industries like Chemical or Material Science, or equivalent

Please note this could be a full-time OR contract position but requires work to be done from our office in Palo Alto, CA.

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Experience Level

6 or more years

CK-12 Foundation

CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving student learning by increasing access to free, high-quality, educational content & materials through the FlexBook® platform and concept-based modalities.

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