Director, Head of Talent (Bay Area - Richmond CA)

Teach For America - Bay Area - Richmond, CA - Full time

The Role 

As the Richmond Head of Talent, you will be responsible for ensuring that Teach For America makes the most robust contribution possible to the diverse coalition of leaders at every level of the educational system in West County. You will develop deep, trusting relationships with our district, charter, and community partners and will be driven by a clear vision to meet West County’s human capital needs. Additionally, you will develop strong relationships with the terrific folks in our alumni community, helping them to develop clear and personally compelling theories of change and supporting them to rise to their full leadership potential in West County. Successful candidates are exceptional leaders who have achieved an outstanding track record of results and who believe deeply that the right people in the right seats can make all the difference for our kids. This position reports directly to the Richmond Community Lead. 

The Team

The Bay Area team has set a clear mandate to harness our unique community assets—unparalleled intellectual, human, technological, and financial capital—to rethink our organizational approach, striving to build the next generation model for Teach For America and for teacher and educational leadership development. For 25 years, Teach For America has been a critical force in creating classrooms and schools that are bucking the status quo for low-income students. And yet, our very best schools nation-wide are still facing a reality where fewer than 50% of students are on a path to college or meaningful post-secondary options. While an impressive shift from the status quo, we know that we must think differently to realize our aspiration of every student having the opportunity to fulfill her or his full potential. Currently in our second year of redesign, we see clear indicators that what we are doing is working. From top quartile increases in corps member experience metrics to increased demand from our partners for our teachers, we are energized by the tangible results we are seeing as a result of our innovations. We are continuing to make strategic investments, learn from the wins and the misses, and evolve our thinking to ensure we accelerate the path we are on. 


You are a relationship builder. You are a pro at building strong, trusting relationships with diverse sets of people.

You see and inspire greatness in others. You see boundless potential in those around you. As a result of your belief in those with whom you work, the people you work alongside rise to their full potential at dramatically higher rates than they would otherwise. People leave their interactions with you inspired to take action.

You are hungry for excellence. You aren’t interested in “good enough.” You are driven by a desire to achieve greatness in your performance as the talent lead for an entire community team. You pursue world-class results because of your deep commitment to the movement for educational equity.

You are obsessive about outcomes. Your decisions are data-driven, and you stay laser-focused on truly audacious goals regardless of the day-to-day situation you might find yourself in. You have a demonstrated record of success in your work despite obstacles.

You are a strategic problem-solver. When you face a large problem, your break it down into smaller, manageable pieces, identify trends, and prioritize root causes. You are an outstanding project manager, and you have exceptional design and execution skills that enable you to take an idea, build upon it, and execute on that idea at a high level.

You are self-driven. You don’t wait. You get clear on audacious goals and you pursue them proactively and with vigor.


Build catalytic partnerships with community leaders across West County (20%)

  • Develop deep and enduring relationships with district, charter, and community leaders in order to understand the talent assets that exist across West County and to develop a clear picture of the talent needs in our community.
  • On the basis of that clarity, and in support of the vision for Team Richmond, establish a vision and plan to ensure that we are meeting the talent needs of our partners and building on the strengths that exist in our community.

Design and lead strategies to recruit and orient leaders to West County (35%)

  • Identify, build relationships with, and inspire outstanding, diverse, and increasingly local talent with opportunities for impact here in West County.
  • Orient incoming corps members and alumni educators to the strengths, assets, and challenges of working for educational equity in our community.
  • In collaboration with the Manager of Onboarding and Operations and our partners, ensure that each of our incoming corps members is hired into a teaching placement and is positioned to thrive.

Grow and develop the leadership of our current talent base of corps members and alumni (35%)

  • Build deep, trusting relationships with current alumni (and some second year corps members). Support them in the development of clear and personally compelling theories of change regarding their role in the movement here in West County.
  • Connect leaders across West County with growth opportunities that will enable them to pursue their aspirations for impact.
  • Clarify pathways to teacher, school, system, and community leadership positions here in West County. Support folks in getting and staying on the path to those leadership positions that align with their theories of change.

Manage data and use it to engage in strategic collaboration (10%)

  • Manage data integrity, building and using tools to ensure our community constituents data are accurate and actionable across the broader team.
  • Collaborate extensively with other internal and external teams.
  • Continuously monitor outcomes and adjust strategy.


Prior Experience

  • Experience in talent recruitment strongly preferred
  • Teaching experience strongly preferred
  • Minimum four years of professional experience
  • Experience in West County preferred
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite required and Salesforce (CRM) experience preferred


  • Bachelor’s degree required.

Work Demands

  • Must be able to travel regularly around West County and occasionally to the other Bay Area offices (Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose).
  • Ability to work evenings and weekends as necessary; overnight travel is minimal.

Apply Now

Experience Level

3 or more years

Teach For America - Bay Area

The Bay Area is a beacon for innovation. Those who call it home pride themselves on thinking differently and exploring new frontiers. Yet not all Bay Area students are prepared to excel as the innovators of tomorrow. Some of them aren't even given a fighting chance. In San Francisco, only 14 percent of African American students finish high school on time, while in the South Bay, Palo Alto High School's graduation rate is 99.4 percent.

We see rays of hope in the hundreds of classrooms and dozens of schools in the Bay Area that are putting not just a few, but many of their students—most from low-income backgrounds—on a different academic path. These students will have a chance at a brighter future than their life circumstances might predict.

As we consider what it will take to provide all students in the Bay Area with a great education, we have resolved to focus our efforts over the next several years within four communities: San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Richmond.

We aim to better partner with our communities, helping to show what's possible when leadership, great ideas, hard work, and determination merge in a shared commitment to doing what's best for our youngest citizens. Only through a collaborative effort in each community will we have a chance to prove that transformational change in education is possible for the Bay Area. These communities will continue to light the way toward a bright and innovative future for all.

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