Teacher Guide for Elementary and Middle School Studio

Acton Academy Durham - Durham, NC - Full time

Acton Academy Durham, is an innovative Independent school seeking an apprentice teacher/guide to assist in our Elementary and Middle School Studios. Guides should be prepared to support students in their personal educational journey, and also be prepared to offer little to no direct instruction to students. Teachers coming from a Montessori or Reggio-Emilia inspired background are especially suited to this position. 

Guides will prepare to lead socratic discussions as well as design in-depth project work in keeping with our curriculum and philosophy. Students at Acton strive towards a high level of academic excellence. Our students achieve core skills (reading, writing, math, languages) with cutting edge adaptive technologies geared towards mastery learning. A guide’s primary responsibility is ensuring that students are setting goals and reflecting on progress. 

We believe that there is a false correlation between teaching and learning, but instead a high correlation between the students interest of the subject matter and learning. Our teacher/Guides are in our studios for the main purpose of supporting a learner driven environment. 


The belief that children do not require direct instruction to learn.

The belief that traditional schools are not providing children with the skills they need to succeed in today’s world.

The belief that offering hard questions and difficult challenges to students is more important than well trained teachers with fixed curriculum. 

The belief and understanding that all the world’s knowledge is readily available and completely free to anyone with access to the internet. 

Not Required:Traditional teaching experience. 

Compensation: Salary $26,000-$30,000 per year, PTO, potential to earn bonuses

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Experience Level

less than 1 year

Acton Academy Durham

Acton Academy Durham is a K-8 Independent school that uses an innovative project-based approach to prepare students for the 21st century. We equip students with the skills, experiences, and tools to passionately pursue academic excellence and change the world.

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