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ALU’s Computer Science major is a hands-on, project-centric approach to learning computing, with particular focus on software development, hardware & robotics, and network security. CS students at ALU are aspiring leaders who combine the technical know how with deep understanding of their user to develop products & services that will form the African Fortune 500.

WHAT skills do CS Curriculum Facilitators need to have, in order to succeed in this awesome environment?

You’ve completed an advanced degree, understand all the major domains & trends in the field, know how to get up to speed on the areas where your experience is lacking, and can explain how it all relates to each other...

…and at some point, you thought to yourself, “there has to be a better way for people to learn all of this."

…so you’ve reflected on what you’d keep from your education, but especially what you’d change.

…though you may not have the answers yet, you have some ideas that you’d like to try out.

You believe in the awesome potential of students, and you see them as active participants in learning (not passive recipients of information). You’ve had the experience of seeing the light go on when someone “gets it” - maybe in a formal classroom, but maybe not - and you found that experience immensely satisfying.

It also helps if you have...

- An iterative mindset (the ability to take an idea, test it, learn from it, make the call to ‘use it or lose it’)

- Experience making data-driven decisions (this can be learned, as some of our faculty have already proven)

- An uncanny ability for quick solution hacks

- The ability to pick up new skills quickly, be it building a new grading framework, revising curriculum or providing feedback after observing a team mate’s class

HOW will these skills be applied within the CS Curriculum and Facilitation team?

- Our faculty are each responsible for guiding students through an impactful learning experience in their particular area of expertise. This includes prepping for and facilitating sessions, reviewing assignments, holding office hours, and providing feedback on and improving the curriculum.

- Our curriculum designers constantly look around and ask, “what do our students need, and what can I do about it?”, to challenge the status quo of our core curriculum, to make sure that the content is of the highest standard, and we are using best possible approach.

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African Leadership University

Faculty at ALU are scholars who want to be at the frontier of global higher education. They are integral to ALU’s vision in redefining the field of education, and the future of our young student leaders. ALU provides the early career academic an opportunity to gain cutting edge pedagogical experience before going into research and tenure track roles. Our faculty members approach education from first principles, create innovative learning experiences, and have the chance to work with the brightest students in the world. They work in a collaborative team with the independence to experiment, give robust feedback, and empower brilliant, self-motivated students.Communicating For Impact is one of the four foundational courses that form the base of our core skills rubric, on which our students are measured throughout their studies at ALU. With one campus already up and running, applicants from across Africa, our faculty team is shaping the flagship institution, building in exciting changes for scale and managing content across multiple locations.

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