Curriculum Specialist

Age of Learning - Glendale, CA - Full time

The Curriculum Specialist will work on developing a forward-looking, interactive curriculum for elementary grades. The position calls for someone with detailed working knowledge of standards and instruction in all elementary subjects taught in a self-contained classroom. This person will be instrumental in creating curriculum specifications for books and multimedia content targeted at students in grades 1-5. 

The Curriculum Specialist will be a key member of an innovative curriculum development team that creates curriculum specifications for the engaging learning activities of the quality that has made the top-ranking educational app in the U.S. This person will work directly with the SVP of Curriculum Management, Director of Curriculum Planning, and other curriculum specialists as well as creative and production personnel.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Experienced and skilled critical thinker capable of deep analysis of concepts, principles, skills, and data used to drive curriculum development
  • Exemplary writing skills with an emphasis on clarity, organization, and word precision
  • Deep experience with, and understanding of, appropriately developed andscaffolded learning sequences
  • 6+ years teaching experience in an elementary self-contained classroom
  • Experience in detailed curriculum planning for a large group of teachers/classrooms/students, including participation in the implementation and evaluation of the implemented curriculum
  • 2+ years curriculum development experience at an education technology company or educational publishing or products company
  • Bachelors degree or above (any field)
  • Experience in designing/developing interactive educational programs or applications is a plus
  • Specialized training and /or experience as a K-5 curriculum specialist in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies art or music is a plus


  • Write detailed specifications for development of content with specified learning objectives that meet state or other sets of standards.
  • Ensure specifications result in highly engaging and interactive content.
  • Review content for developmental appropriateness
  • Ensure application of best-practice approaches in the teaching of concepts, principles, information and skills.

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