Calculus Content Editor

Castle Point Learning Systems, LLC - Remote - Part time

Duties and Responsibilities

* Enter problems and solutions in our math editor, adding alternate solutions where necessary.

* Edit entered problems for quality, style and consistency

* Track issues/bugs

* Communicate with technical staff to resolve issues with problem content

*Track progress and meet deadlines

*Successful applicants are expected to be available at least 10 hours a week during a project. Depending on your availability, contractors are allowed to work up to 40 hours a week.

Experience, Education, Skills and Credentials Required, applicants without these will not be considered:

*Undergraduate degree in Mathematics Education, Mathematics, Physics, or closely related field

*Coursework in differential, integral, and sequences and series Calculus

*Post-undergrad experience with Calculus, for example at a university, teaching, or research

*Ability to effectively manage time and coordinate online with teams

*Effective communication


*Experience with online learning platforms

*Experience developing educational content or aligning content to learning objectives

*Any experience with issue tracking software or programming

To help you we will:

*Provide training and instructions

*Review and give you feedback

*Work closely to help with any technical or content related problems you have

Apply Now

Experience Level

1 to 2 years

Castle Point Learning Systems, LLC

Gradarius(TM) is the world’s first step-wise Calculus Learning Platform, providing an engaging online learning experience where students learn step-by-step problem solving methods, rather than multiple choice or fill in the blank routines. The company’s product launch is slated for the 2017-2018 academic year. Gradarius is known at conferences for attracting some of the largest crowds, leaving the participants enthusiastic for more. Cornell, CUNY, and Penn State are among the active beta sites. Gradarius is based on research partly funded by the National Science Foundation. Our founders received the prestigious Innovation Award from the New Jersey Inventor’s Hall of Fame.

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