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Zeal's Coaching is led by Rob Huizar, a veteran teacher from Rocketship Education. Zeal offers on-demand, online coaching for K-12 math standards to students across the country. As a coach, you will work with a wide-range of students in grades you choose. You will help studentsaddress misconceptions in their understanding of math. Zeal is a completely online service giving coaches the freedom to work from their homes at hours they set.

Zeal Coaching operates between 5:00AM – 5:00PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Coaches available from 5:00AM – 10:00AM PT are preferred.

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Experience Level

3 or more years


Our Belief: Zeal believes that great teaching is the key to students' love of math. At Zeal, we support teachers by giving every student a live math coach to bring out their best.

The Problem: Students’ math knowledge is like Swiss Cheese. Every student has gaps, even top students. Because math builds on itself, gaps prevent students from understanding, progressing and loving math. With today’s large class sizes and many student gaps, this creates an enormous challenge for teachers.

The Zeal Approach: Zeal supports great teachers by giving every student their own live math coach, an educator who works with that student to help them build confidence by listening to students, understanding their prior knowledge, and reinforcing the approach that they have been taught in school.

Zeal Coaches:

  • are like adding an additional teacher circulating your classroom and helping students. They don’t follow a certain curriculum or pedagogy, but rather they build on what teachers have taught in class -- by asking questions and listening carefully.
  • are retired teachers and professional tutors, often with math and science degrees. We focus on helping coaches understand the key skills to great coaching - listening to the student, bringing in their prior knowledge, focusing on one key misconception, and making them feel successful.
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