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2Revolutions - Remote - Full time

As our portfolio of design, build and implementation work continues to grow across the country 2Revolutions is looking for a Design Manager to join our core team. For this role, we need leaders who can effectively harness and manage the 2Rev tools, resources and talent in service of our partners.

We are seeking individuals with skills and experience in at least one (and ideally more than one) of the following domains:

  • Next Generation Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment. Deep experience with instructional design of innovative instruction and assessment practices that can enable movement to a more personalized and competency-based model for students. We are particularly interested in candidates with demonstrated success implementing personalized, competency-based professional development and other innovative models of 21st century adult learning.
  • Systems to Enable the Future of Learning. Experience working at the ecosystem level of K12 education (i.e., districts, regions, states) with an understanding of how the structures and policies impact “on the ground” models and conditions.
  • Design Thinking. Demonstrated capacity to lead adults through immersive, user-centered design experiences that catalyze new and innovative concepts through the use of empathy work, short-cycle prototyping, etc.

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Experience Level

11 or more years


2Rev is a national education design lab that specializes in designing, launching and supporting Future of Learning models and working to help support the systemic conditions within which they can thrive. We are partners in transformation. We work with entrepreneurs in schools, districts and states to collaboratively build a future of learning that not only transforms the way we “educate” our young people, but is designed around how students are most likely to “learn” what they need to be successful in the complex future that awaits.

Everything we do is built upon the principles of integrative design – which recognizes that complex issues cannot be solved by focusing on one element at a time. Rather than sell canned “solutions,” we work collaboratively with our partners to solve specific problems. We view our portfolio as a form of action research on how new learning models and systems will need to work for all students in the coming decades.

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