Director of School Partnerships

room2learn - Boston, MA - Part time

You’ll be the room2learn ambassador to schools, sharing the platform with school leaders, and identifying and forging relationships with high-potential school clients. You’ll comb education publications and local discussions to research and develop our internal criteria for high-potential schools. You’ll be a school’s first contact with room2learn, sharing information on consultancy services, advertising the platform and building relationships with local schools and networks. You’ll serve as the point of contact for leaders and teachers who are seeking additional information, technical support or even implementation ideas. By the end of this, every school will know your name!


  • Research and refine criteria for high-potential schools
  • Reach out to schools with information on consultancy
  • Advertise platform to schools and districts
  • Collaborate with teachers for on-boarding and technical support
  • Build relationships with local school communities


This is your opportunity to work with a seasoned team in the Venture Incubation Program (VIP) at Harvard’s Innovation Lab (i-lab) and winners of the 2015 Harvard HackED Pitch Competition. As a VIP member of Harvard’s innovation community, you will expand your network, attend workshops, build your professional portfolio, and position yourself at the leading edge of a major educational movement. Plus, unlimited m&m’s.

This position is unpaid, running for 10 weeks with the possibility of extension into Spring 2017. The expected workload is 15 hrs/week. We will be based at the i-lab, though some work can be done remotely.

Interested? Apply for the Director of School Partnerships position by sending your resume and cover letter to

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Experience Level

1 to 2 years


Learning is changing; classrooms are not. room2learn is a social platform and design consultancy that is revolutionizing the way schools and classrooms are built. Educators have been innovating curriculum to meet the demands of the 21st century economy - cultivating skills like creative problem-solving and authentic engagement with communities. School spaces have not caught up. We are tackling this problem.

Working with Us

We are a dynamic team of designers, educators and tech developers all passionate about making a positive impact in education. We work out of the i-lab and our team hails from the GSD, MIT and NYC Department of Education. If our mission resonates with you, apply!

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