Coordinator of Educational Services

West Contra Costa Unified School District - Richmond, Canada - Full time

COORDINATOR OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICES FOR THE 2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR SALARY: $ 102,181.72 - $ 120,213.79 Per Year WORK YEAR: 225 Days THIS RECRUITMENT WILL BE USED TO FILL ANY VACANCIES. QUALIFICATIONS: Applicant must hold appropriate teaching and administrative credential. Qualified applicants should have experience with Educational Technology/Personalized Learning: -Lead on the cutting edge of educational technology for the district -Know the promising trends and how to strategically incorporate trends into the district plan and classroom work -Research the latest and most effective practices in personalized learning -Ensure that the district stays current in its Ed Tech practices -Work with administration to integrate technology into daily curriculum a creative and relevant manner -Evaluate the Instructional technology program and make recommendations for improvement, including best practice around personalized learning -Plan and oversee the professional learning for Educational Technology -Review and evaluate new software and communicate the evaluation to the instructional leaders of the district -Coordinate curriculum that ensures the smart use of educational technology -Develop strategies for the effective and efficient use of technological resources for both instructional and non- instructional use -Implement distance learning, media coordination, internet services, on-line learning, and videoconferencing initiatives -Present the district technology education program to the public through workshops and presentations -Develop and implement ways, in which business and education can establish partnerships that enhance the use of technology for education -Participate in competitive grant applications to secure funding for technology initiatives

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West Contra Costa Unified School District

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