University Partnerships Associate

Guild Education - Denver, CO - Full time

More about the job:

The University Partnerships Associate will be a key member of the Guild Education team and will ensure the health and well being of our internal and external academic relationships. As a University Partnerships Associate, you will facilitate the launch and ongoing operation of our partnerships, working to build systems from the ground up, and fostering strong relationships. You will have your hands deep in the weeds, yet also live at the strategic level.

We are seeking an energetic, experienced professional with experience in higher education and project management. We are looking for individuals who believe in what we do, are excited about building something new, and thrive in fast-paced environments. This is a part of our organization that will be growing rapidly, and we are looking for someone who has taken an organization or team to scale.

As University Partnerships Associate, you will:

  • Support the launch of new university partnerships - Work closely with the rest of the University Partnership team to efficiently implement partnerships with new universities
  • Build and maintain relationships - Forge strong relationships with administrators and faculty at our new and existing university partners
  • Manage data flow - Build, maintain, and improve data-sharing processes between Guild and our university partners, including student data, invoicing, and credit articulation
  • Use data to solve problems - Utilize data analysis and project management skills to proactively tackle both urgent and long-term issues facing Guild and our partners
  • Edit and improve processes constantly - Continuously evaluate and redesign processes around data sharing, academic program design and general operations
  • Serve as internal liaison - Work closely with Guild internal teams, like development, admissions, and student services, to make sure things are running smoothly

We hope you have:

  • Experience working with institutions of higher education
  • Knowledge of how to quickly resolve bureaucratic snafus in a myriad of departments
  • Demonstrated chops solving complex problems and building processes from scratch
  • Strong relationship management skills, both internally and externally
  • A background in project management, including creating/monitoring project schedules, deadlines and deliverables, and holding team members accountable
  • Experience working in a fast-paced, ambiguous environment, where you have had to make decisions based on sometimes incomplete data
  • Strong computer, oral, and written communication skills
  • Salesforce experience or a willingness to quickly become an expert
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in consulting, higher education or similar field

Why us?

  • We’re a mission-driven company with a proven business model & product vision that addresses a massive problem and market opportunity. It’s our goal to to support as many Guild members as possible and change the world along the way.
  • We’ve recently closed a $8.5M series A, and we’re eager to bring new members to our team who can help us keep up with our growth
  • The investors & advisors backing us are world class - we hope you’ll have an opportunity to learn from them alongside us
  • Our co-founders have worked together for long time and are committed to building a community and company where we all love to work

Guild Education is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or veteran status.

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Experience Level

1 or more years

Guild Education

The pathway to a stable career is changing in the U.S. & many young adults are struggling to navigate that path. We believe that everyone - not just the fortunate few - deserve a great start to their working lives.

Some context that motivates us:

  • We see management roles as a pathway to the middle class. Of the approximately 6.5 million jobs added to the economy since the great recession, 1.2 million newly created jobs have been manager roles, earning $53,000 or greater. Forget coding - management is the fastest growing job in the U.S.
  • For today’s entry-level worker, the 30+ million working adults without a BA, a management role is nearly always the next step on the ladder.
  • For these working adults, finding the path back to college to get more training is expensive, overwhelming, and often entirely unrelated to their current work, the next step in their career, and their long term goals.

Guild is paving a new path - providing great job training and degree programs for working adults. We offer classes, programs and degrees, in partnership with top American universities. We help Guild members take the next step towards a meaningful career, with a community to support them along the way.

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