2022-2023 Middle School ELA Teacher

DREAM Charter School - New Brighton, Pennsylvania - Full time

Originally founded in 1991 asHarlem RBI, DREAM has grown to annually serve more than 2,500 youth across EastHarlem and the South Bronx through a network of six PreK-12, extended-day,extended-year DREAM Charter Schools and community sports-based youthdevelopment programs. Through our commitment to rigorous academics,social-emotional learning, deep family and community engagement, and health andwellness, we create lifelong learners who are equipped to fulfill their visionof success in and out of the classroom. We dream big, as well, with anaggressive five-year plan to expand to serve 3,500 students across sevenschools—growing our organization's impact and leveling the playing field forall children. To learn more, visit wearedream.org.


Reporting to the Academic Dean, the MiddleSchool ELA Teacher will be responsible for building meaningfulrelationships with students, implementing a Common Core-aligned curriculum, andworking with their grade team to analyze data to drive instruction. This is anexciting opportunity for an educator who is passionate about improving studentoutcomes by leading excellent instruction and building a positive schoolculture.


  • Work with co-teacher to create and foster a culture where all students can achieve at high levels;
  • Implement a Common Core-aligned curriculum through backwards lesson planning and follow school-wide protocols for developing and documenting syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, and rubrics;
  • Actively participate in all meetings, collaborative planning, and professional development, including an annual summer institute;
  • Track, monitor, and assume responsibility for academic progress of students;
  • Analyze assessment data, and daily data including exit tickets and Do Now's to inform instruction;
  • Set and maintain high expectations by building meaningful relationships;
  • Work with Student Culture Team to create individual behavior plans for students, as needed;
  • Build a warm and inclusive classroom environment and abide by school-wide practices for classroom management and individual behavior plans;
  • Work with grade team to analyze data, revise practices, norm on team-wide initiatives, and discuss individual scholars with a solutions-oriented mindset;
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships and regularly communicate scholars' progress towards goals and with families.


  • Associate's degree required; Bachelor's degree preferred;
  • New York State certification in subject area preferred;
  • At least two years of teaching experience with record of improving student achievement preferred;
  • A desire to make a difference in the lives of our students, families and community;
  • Desire and ability to receive and implement feedback;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with various audiences (including colleagues, students, families);
  • A commitment to working with diverse populations of families and students;
  • Bilingual (Spanish) preferred;
  • A strong belief in the mission and values of DREAM, including the desire to make a difference in the lives of our students, families, and community.





DREAM requires vaccinationagainst COVID-19 for all employees. Reasonable Accommodations based on aqualifying disability or sincerely held religious belief are being consideredin accordance with applicable law.





At DREAM, diversity, equity, andinclusion are a matter of mission.


From our schools to our playingfields, DREAM is committed to building a team where each individual can bringtheir full identity and experience to work because representation matters—itenriches our team culture, enhances our ability to innovate, and strengthensour impact in and out of the classroom. DREAM engages staff that represent andappreciate the diversity of our majority Black and Hispanic student body, whileworking to ensure that our practices are equitable, welcoming, and productive.We are dedicated to creating a world where youth, especially youth of color,have permission to dream—along with the tools and opportunities to make theirdreams reality.

Come dream with us.




All Kids Can. This Kid Can.

DREAM is Family.

Fun is a Serious Value.

Teamwork Makes the DREAM Work.

Fail. Persist. Exceed.


Apply Here: https://www.click2apply.net/r7NbKPC7J1EwrsQlnCrq8b



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Apply for this job


Ela Teacher

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DREAM Charter School

Originally founded in 1991 as Harlem RBI, DREAM has grown to annually serve more than 2,500 youth across East Harlem and the South Bronx through a network of six PreK-12, extended-day, extended-year DREAM Charter Schools and community sports-based youth development programs.
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