2022-2023 English Language Learning (ELL) Coordinator

DREAM Charter School - New York, New York - Full time

Originally founded in 1991 as Harlem RBI, DREAM has grown to annually serve more than 2,500 youth across East Harlem and the South Bronx through a network of six PreK-12, extended-day, extended-year DREAM Charter Schools and community sports-based youth development programs. Through our commitment to rigorous academics, social-emotional learning, deep family and community engagement, and health and wellness, we create lifelong learners who are equipped to fulfill their vision of success in and out of the classroom. We dream big, as well, with an aggressive five-year plan to expand to serve 3,500 students across seven schools—growing our organization's impact and leveling the playing field for all children. To learn more, visit wearedream.org. This position will serve as a school resource for staff and parents with regards to English Language Learning education services and regulations. The English Language Learning (ELL) Coordinator will work closely with the Network Director of Student Support and school-based Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) to ensure implementation of ELL educational policies and integration of student support services. The English Language Learning (ELL) Coordinator should have a thorough understanding of state and federal regulations and local policies regarding children with ELL needs. The candidate should have experience leading the ELL assessment, identification and discharge process, coaching teachers when implementing ELL instructional strategies, adhering to all timelines/deadlines set by the DREAM Network and Department of Education (DOE) and demonstrating a solution-oriented mindset when working through challenging situations. The English Language Learning (ELL) Coordinator should be flexible, self-motivated, a team player and be able to effectively manage-up. Like all DREAM employees, the English Language Learning (ELL) Coordinator should demonstrate a strong commitment to the mission and values of DREAM and should have substantial expertise in all areas of responsibility. Candidates must also value DREAM's comprehensive approach to education and desire to make a lasting impact in underserved communities as part of a growing organization. The English Language Learning (ELL) Coordinator will be required to start in the role as soon as possible. This role includes both teaching and leading responsibilities. Responsibilities

  • General Leadership:
  • Advocating for students with English Language Learning needs amongst school leadership by attending Instructional Leadership Team meetings on at least a monthly basis
  • Reinforce clear expectations and routines that are aligned with the schools overall vision for meeting the needs of all learners;
  • Create positive, achievement-oriented and structured learning environment with high joy factor so that students are excited about and invested in their academic excellence;
  • Teaching Caseload:
  • Employ a variety of ELL instructional techniques and teaching strategies to meet different aptitudes and interests of students, including whole group (co-teaching)/ small-group or individual learning.
  • Implement a Common Core-aligned and ELL Language Standard curriculum based on the different language acquisition levels through backwards lesson planning and follow school-wide protocols for developing, differentiating and documenting syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, and rubrics;
  • Track, monitor, and assume responsibility for academic progress of students by backwards planning using ELL Assessment data and schoolwide assessment data;
  • Assist in developing language acquisition support plans (ELL plans) for all ELL students and work with classroom teachers to implement plans.
  • Analyze assessment data, and daily data including exit tickets and Do Now's to inform ELL instruction; Complete Quarterly ELL Student Progress Reports when communicating student progress to teachers and families;
  • Establish and maintain communication with parents of students in the program.
  • Engage parents and families in their student's learning and acting as an ambassador for the school in the community.
  • Set and maintain high expectations by building meaningful relationships;
  • Build a warm and inclusive classroom environment and abide by school-wide practices for classroom management and individual behavior plans;
  • English Language Learning Compliance:
  • Overseeing / managing a caseload of approximately 60 ELL students across the DREAM network and the implementation of their ELL services in both inclusive, and pull-out settings.
  • Manage and lead the enrollment process by ensuring Home Language Surveys are completed correctly, parent interviews are completed and students in need of the NYSITELL beginning of year assessment are properly identified across all campuses
  • Ensuring appropriate delivery of ELL services, including observation of practice and training on proficient ELL instruction and intervention curriculums
  • Lead the assessment process for administering required language proficiency and academic achievement tests for determining placement, ongoing monitoring of student progress and determining when a student is to be exited from the program including the creation of an assessment schedule, implementation of the assessment and scoring of the assessment.
  • Coordinating with teachers and the Data Team for effective implementation of ELL Testing Accommodations for all formative and summative assessments
  • Ensure ELL student data is up to date in ATS in order to have current ELL registrar data
  • ELL Department & Teacher Development:
  • Provide support, training and progress monitoring in the implementation of research based interventions (i.e. WONDERS) for all ELL instructors across all DREAM school campuses
  • Provide coaching and teacher development on ELL best direct and indirect practices by attending Intellectual Planning meetings to support differentiated ELL instruction within lesson plans for grade identified students with either:
  • High percentage of students with ELL services
  • Greatest discrepancy in learning between GenEd students vs. Students with ELL services
  • Complete classroom observations of ELL Teacher instruction to monitor instructional implementation and provide coaching feedback to ELL educators
  • Provide professional developments and technical assistance to teachers (including ELL, GenEd and SPED) and Academic Deans on all aspects of ELL service delivery models (direct and indirect ELL support)
  • Lead components of Data Day with the ELL Department to ensure focus on targeted instruction for ELL students.
  • Family Engagement:
  • Effectively communicating to parents and guardians the ELL process including process for evaluations, instructional supports and testing accommodations.
  • Engage parents and families in their children's academic success through regular communication of success and challenges; communicate regularly with parents about student progress within the area of English Language Learning development.
  • Lead beginning of year launch for parents with students with ELL needs and end of year close out session to take place in September and June.


  • Bachelor's degree required; Master's degree or higher preferred;
  • Special Education and/or ESOL certification, preferred;
  • Bilingual (Spanish) preferred;
  • Minimum of 3-4 years experience working in a diverse school setting with record of improving student achievement, preferred;
  • Desire and ability to receive and implement feedback;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with various audiences (including colleagues, students, families);
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Common Core Standards;
  • Knowledge of Speaking and Listening Common Core standards preferred;
  • Strong listening, oral and written communication skills;
  • Outstanding organizational skills and attention to detail;
  • Student Focus: Belief that all students, regardless of background, have the ability and opportunity to go to and through college; demonstrated commitment to the school's unique community
  • Direction Setting: Ability to set direction for a team and motivate others to action
  • Achievement Orientation and Performance Management: Demonstrated student achievement results in own classroom and from teachers that he/she manages
  • Cultural Competence: Demonstrated ability to create inclusive environments that honors and supports a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives
  • Achievement Orientation: Demonstrated resilience and focus on student outcomes
  • Instructional Leadership:
  • Adept at data analysis; ability to extract meaningful insights across school-wide data
  • Expertise in what the school-wide academic standards and state assessments require of students' knowledge and skills to demonstrate mastery; able to translate student mastery requirements into instructional plans and strategies
  • Deep understanding of appropriate application and differentiation of high-leverage instructional strategies based on comprehension of child development and pedagogy
  • A strong belief in the mission and values of DREAM, including the desire to make a difference in the lives of our students, families, and community.

DREAM's VACCINATION POLICY DREAM requires vaccination against COVID-19 for all employees. Reasonable Accommodations based on a qualifying disability or sincerely held religious belief are being considered in accordance with applicable law. OUR COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION At DREAM, diversity, equity, and inclusion are a matter of mission. From our schools to our playing fields, DREAM is committed to building a team where each individual can bring their full identity and experience to work because representation matters—it enriches our team culture, enhances our ability to innovate, and strengthens our impact in and out of the classroom. DREAM engages staff that represent and appreciate the diversity of our majority Black and Hispanic student body, while working to ensure that our practices are equitable, welcoming, and productive. We are dedicated to creating a world where youth, especially youth of color, have permission to dream—along with the tools and opportunities to make their dreams reality. Come dream with us. DREAM MAXIMS All Kids Can. This Kid Can. DREAM is Family. Fun is a Serious Value. Teamwork Makes the DREAM Work. Fail. Persist. Exceed. DREAM Big.

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Originally founded in 1991 as Harlem RBI, DREAM has grown to annually serve more than 2,500 youth across East Harlem and the South Bronx through a network of six PreK-12, extended-day, extended-year DREAM Charter Schools and community sports-based youth development programs.
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