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Position Description

Master Teachers are highly effective, veteran teachers who are dedicated to LAB’s mission and are experts at classroom management and instructional rigor. There will be a Master Teacher in each LAB classroom, supported by a team of 5-6 full-time tutors alongside extensive opportunities for professional development. Master teachers report to the Dean of Cirriculum and Instruction.


  • Provide direct instruction to classrooms of approximately 33 students in rigorous lessons aligned with the Common Core and the Next Generation science standards, with the support of 5-6 full-time tutors per classroom;
  • Commit to preparing every student for high school graduation and success in a four-year college or university;
  • Facilitate student learning by designing lessons, leading small groups, and conferencing with students;
  • Implement frequent formative assessments, in addition to summative assessments and analyze student achievement data to inform and personalize instruction to meet the needs of students;
  • Lead and own results of homerooms that meet daily;
  • Constantly review student level data to inform instruction and student groupings;
  • Curate lessons via a mix of teacher created lessons and digital/on-line supports.


  • A bachelor’s degree in the subject area to be taught, preferably from a selective college or university (master’s degree preferred);
  • High GPA in an academic major;
  • Certification to teach in New York State, preferably in the subject area to be taught;
  • At least three years of teaching experience with exceptional results; experience teaching in urban and/or low-income areas preferred;
  • Commitment to LAB’s mission and academic objectives; a demonstrated belief that all students, regardless of background and incoming ability, can achieve at high levels;
  • Record of using data in the classroom and driving student outcomes with students of similar population;
  • Commitment to education standards, frequent formative assessment, and accountability;
  • Belief in a structured, predictable environment for children and in a No Excuses classroom;
  • Ability to be the authority in the classroom and set rules for students;
  • Willingness to build relationships with students and families;
  • A “can do” attitude and the ability work as part of a team;
  • Comfort with accountability and ability to absorb feedback and engage in self-improvement
  • A desire to make others successful;
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm and optimism;
  • An understanding that the first years of school start-up require commitment, hard work, and hours beyond normal teaching positions;
  • Ability to reflect and adjust to a dynamic and rapidly changing environment.

Whenever possible, LAB seeks to hire Master Teachers certified in special education and/or teaching English to speakers of other languages, in addition to the subject they teach, to provide additional support to students with special needs and/or limited English proficiency.


Teachers will receive a competitive benefits package that improves over time and is competitive with other New York City charter schools. Other salary differentiation will be based on teacher experience and the subject area taught, with higher compensation going to more experienced teachers in difficult-to-fill subject areas such as science and math. We do not have a merit pay system, as we expect excellence from all of the teachers we select.

In addition to competitive salaries, LAB benefits package includes:

  • 80% cost share of health, dental, vision employee plan premiums
  • 5% of annualized base salary contribution to a LAB retirement plan
  • An employee professional development allowance and travel allowance for improving the employee’s practice

Additionally, LAB supports teachers through the following elements:

  • Continual improvement of instruction by providing teachers with high quality instructional tools, opportunities for professional development, and regular feedback on instruction;
  • An atmosphere of high expectations and order focused on student learning;
  • A staff of 5-6 tutors to support teachers in accelerating student learning;
  • Consistent effort on the part of LAB to create a supportive and palatable work environment, including: showing appreciation, listening well, and frequent staff meals and outings;
  • Monthly meetings during Wednesday professional development as a point of reflection and benchmarking for teachers;
  • Annual surveys on school culture, climate, professional development, and curriculum needs;
  • Access to an expanding digital library of curricular and instructional materials;
  • Extensive professional development offerings, providing structure for all teachers to grow and receive recognition.

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Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School

Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB) is a network of open enrollment, college-prep, public charter schools opening its first middle school in downtown Brooklyn in the fall of 2014 to serve grades 6-8. LAB is dedicated to serving the highest need students regardless of their academic level, English language proficiency, or disability status. To achieve this, LAB couples a No Excuses approach with an innovative, Common Core-aligned, next generation learning model designed to drastically improve the academic success of our scholars. LAB will establish a school culture conducive to intellectual curiosity and competence by: 1) Privileging research- and evidence-based writing and close reading of foundational works of literature, poetry, philosophy, history, economics, mathematics, and science; 2) Developing mathematical understanding, computational thinking, and the ability to apply these skills to solve problems in everyday life and the workplace; 3) Putting every student on a pathway to postsecondary and career success; 4) Inspiring scholars to take responsibility for, and joy in, their own education; 5) Facilitating entrepreneurial learning and cultivating dispositions for life-long learning; and 6) Fostering leadership, a commitment to social justice, and compassion.

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