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Node cursorRead insights from digital learning leaders.
Node cursorRead insights from digital learning leaders.
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Digital Learning Network?

The Digital Learning Network is an evolving community and collection of resources for digital learning educators and administrators. We've launched the beta version to inspire, support and share new approaches to teaching and learning. This network is a work in progress—a point of departure and not the final product. We welcome and encourage your feedback! Visit the about page to learn more about our network partners and methodology.

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Explore big ideas in digital learning

Learning experiences are transforming at lightening speed, and we're tracking the latest trends. On the Digital Learning Network, you'll hear about faculty developing digital learning environments that take students to virtual medical labs, outer space and the inner workings of cells. Still others are pioneering wearable technologies to blend physical and virtual classrooms. Read, share and discuss stories like these about pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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Connect with digital learning leaders

At EdSurge, we believe the digital learning community is more creative and adaptive when it is more connected. LOOP is an experiment to build connectivity—and we’re excited to be releasing our private beta.

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Find digital learning products for your context

As researchers and reporters, we know there is no shortage of companies claiming to be “the solution” for improving teaching and learning. The Courseware Product Index is designed to separate myth from reality—providing you with objective, independent information about how products work so you can quickly determine the right products for your unique context.

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Finally, a dedicated community for digital learning leaders. Join us—we’re just getting started.

The Digital Learning Network was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. EdSurge retains sole editorial control and responsibility for the content on this site. All stories, opinions, beliefs and findings published on this site were generated independently by EdSurge.


Digital Learning is evolving at lightning speed. EdSurge is building a network of digital learning leaders, educators and innovators to connect people at the leading edge of higher ed and to spotlight tools, data and stories that empower them to drive change. Join the network and let us know your thoughts!

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