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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EdSurge LOOP work?

It's simple. At the start of each week, you'll receive an email checking your availability for a meeting that Friday. If you're free, we'll match you with a higher ed innovator whose interests align with yours. You'll get an email—on Wednesday at the latest—with information about your match and a video call link. Later, we'll ask for your feedback to help us better plan personalized introductions for you in the future.

How much does EdSurge LOOP cost?

The service is absolutely free.

Am I obligated to attend a meeting every week?

Not at all! You attend only the meetings that work for you. We'll email you at the start of each week to check your availability. If you won't be free that Friday, simply don’t respond to our email and we won’t schedule a meeting for you.

What if I can't meet during the available time slots?

We are constantly opening up new time slots. We recommend that you still apply so that we can let you know when more times become available.

What if something comes up and I can’t make my meeting?

You will be able to contact your match by email so that you can text any last-minute change of plans. Please contact your match as soon as you realize that you won't be able to make your meeting.

What should I expect from an EdSurge LOOP meeting?

A helpful, generative, and enjoyable professional encounter. We hope that your personalized, one-on-one LOOP meeting sparks new ideas, fresh insights, and innovative solutions to the challenges that digital innovators face. We want to help you build your professional network because we believe that the digital learning community is more creative and adaptive when it is more connected.

How long should I expect a meeting to last?

We recommend keeping each meeting to 30 minutes. If you need to be somewhere, don’t hesitate to let your match know.

Do you tell me who I will be meeting beforehand?

Yes! You will get a calendar invite 48 hours before your meeting which will include the name, email and personal profile of your match.

How do I opt out of EdSurge LOOP?

If you no longer want to participate in EdSurge LOOP please email LOOP@edsurge.com and we will immediately remove you from our invitation list.

Get in the LOOP

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Still have questions? Send us a note LOOP@edsurge.com.