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Guide to Student Data Privacy

How and Why Student Data is Collected

Thoughtful use of student data provides an opportunity to learn about how different tools and tactics can help improve America's schools. But the importance of protecting student privacy—an issue that can trigger nebulous fears of the powerful forces of internet and government—is tantamount to the potential lessons learned. 

So, how and why are districts and organizations collecting private data from students? Here, we've collected information to help you get informed about the issue of student data privacy. 

If you're looking for more background information on the issue, check out the resources over at the Data Quality Campaign (DQC), a nonpartisan national advocacy nonprofit which aims to build productive conversations around how data is used in education to improve student achievement. In its resources section, DQC offers a range of tools to help you thoroughly understand why companies and districts collect student data—and what follow up questions you should be asking. Here are a few of the DQC's resources that we've found most useful:

Understanding Student Data Use

Controversy Over Student Data Privacy