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Lets teachers and students record lessons to share and access online at any time —
  • Developed by: Educreations, Inc.
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    Educreations, a free app and online tool, aims to democratize learning by facilitating the recording and sharing of interactive lessons.

    Educreations allows teachers to not only create and share their lessons, but also use other lessons from a central archive, browse the featured lessons for new ideas, and even create a flipped classroom by designing lessons for students to watch and review at home. Additionally, students themselves can create and share lessons, which are stored privately and visible only by the student and their teacher.

    The Educreations app is available for free from the iTunes store and allows teachers to turn their iPads into an interactive whiteboard from which lessons can be recorded and shared. For teachers without iPads, lessons can be recorded via their online whiteboard, which works in all browsers that support flash. Users can design lessons, incorporate images, videos, and presentations, record a narrative, and share the content with their students to review. The company stores all the uploaded lessons on their website educreations.com, which enables teachers to also embed videos on other sites.