Webinar: Distribution and Channel Partnerships

Online - Sep 25 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Price: $1 to $50

One of the major challenges that edtech companies face is that of distribution. Not only are school districts siloed, but schools within districts usually adopt new tools at their own pace as well. One area that positively impacted iCreate’s top line was strategic partnerships with niche companies and organizations in international markets.

In this webinar, Melissa Pickering, founder of iCreate to Educate, which was recently acquired by UK-based distribution partner HUE, will speak about her experiences in:

  • Partnering with Ministries of Education in countries like Singapore that prioritize resources to support local schools;
  • Setting up distributorships with smaller companies in niche markets as opposed to the giant corporations because the smaller entities have more to lose;
  • Identifying channels with consumer core competencies to bridge typical September and June school sales cycles

Registration Instructions:

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Meet the Presenter:

Melissa PickeringFounder, iCreate to EducateMelissa Pickering began her career as a mechanical engineer for Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI), which eventually led her to launch an education company iCreate to Educate to increase student engagement in the areas of math, science, and engineering. She spun a grant-funded technology out of university research and boot-strapped for 4-years to an acquisition in 2014 by a UK-based educational product company, HUE. iCreate's flagship technology is a software and app to give kids a simple way of creating animations to explain science concepts. iCreate’s tools continue to be integrated into K12 classrooms around the world to supplement curriculum in science and other content areas.

Webinar: Distribution and Channel Partnerships

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