Vinci Hack-a-thon

San Francisco, CA - Apr 27 to Apr 29, 2012

Want to build an edtech (or edutainment) game and let someone else do the heavy lifting of distributing it? YetiZen runs a game accelerator, helping lots of newbee gamer designers find their sea legs. This particular event is a mashup of a StartupWeekend and a Hack-a-thon, built around IP from the Jim Hansen Company (hence "Sid the Science Kid") and Rullingnet Corp., which created the VINCI tablet for toddlers. Coders, designers and educators are welcome. You build a nifty game in a weekend; judges will hand out prizes (worth $80K) and give you a chance to show off. Anything created using Sid will be property of the Hansen but if they like what you do, rev share (or cash!) could be in your future.