The Revolution in Online Education

Mountain View, CA - Feb 12 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Price: $1 to $50

At the 2013 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), 84 percent of leading educators, policy makers, and governments from over 100 countries concluded that the way learning happens today will not adequately prepare young people for the world of tomorrow.

Big Data has become synonymous with technology. But what constitutes as "Big Data" in education? What can student activity on online programs, social networks, and other media tell us about their learning? Can it help educators improve their instructional practices and personalize learning for students? What are the tools to do so? Are there parallels in other industries that educators and developers can draw from?

Educational data-driven leaders will discuss technology and share their vision for tomorrow's online education with the hope of changing the landscape of education as we know it and better preparing young people for the future.

The Revolution in Online Education

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