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Supporting Teacher Stress

Online Jan 21 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm - Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Price: $51 to $250

Target Audience: Educators and leaders of students grades Pre-K through 5.

“As educators—before you can help children deal with their

stress you must learn how to cope with your own

stress and the feelings that accompany stress.”

– Dr. Donna Housman

Founder, Housman Institute

Helping Teachers Help Themselves is a comprehensive asynchronous four-course program created specifically to address the emotional wellbeing of pre-school and elementary educators, staff, caregivers and specialists. This comprehensive program provides an understanding of challenging emotions and the skills needed to regulate and manage stress and anxiety.

Best yet, the course is completely self-paced and can be completed on your own schedule.

The program is based on over 35 years of research and practice by Dr. Donna Housman, founder, and CEO of Housman Institute. Dr. Housman has educated thousands of children and trained hundreds of teachers in her flagship evidence-based and research-informed training program, begin to ECSEL, centering on emotional, cognitive, and social early learning from birth. Having worked with educators for so many years, Dr. Housman recognized how critical teachers’ own emotionality, mental health, and well-being is to not only their ability to help support and guide children in the building blocks of emotional intelligence but also to their own professional and personal growth and satisfaction. This program aims to do just that for every educator, whether they are on the front lines in the classroom, working as a specialist or in early intervention roles, or serving as an early childhood caregiver.

Our Helping Teachers Help Themselves Program:

Course One: The Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence - Gain an understanding of the connection between our emotions and our behavior and how our emotions impact our thinking, work, and social interactions.

Course Two: Emotional Awareness: Understanding Your Own Emotionality - In this course, you will gain an understanding of the importance of your own emotionality, be able to identify six levels of emotional awareness, and recognize that helping children manage their own emotions starts with your own emotional awareness.

Course Three: Understanding the Impact of Stress - Through this course, you will understand the three types of stress, the causes of stress, and its impact on our physical and mental health, our personal and professional relationships, lives, and well-being.

Course Four: Take Care of You! Stress Management & Self-Care - In this course, you will learn techniques to enhance your own emotionality and to deal with stress; including physiological regulation, mindfulness practices, and self-reflective journaling.

BONUS Webinar: In this unprecedented time a key point of stress for teachers is managing remote on-line teaching. This webinar will help educators learn the best practices of teaching on-line and provide important tips for ensuring that critical social and emotional learning does not get lost in the digital divide.

Supporting Teacher Stress

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