Sense-Making and Making Sense

Stanford, CA - Apr 20 8:30 am all day

Price: $51 to $250

With multidisciplinary resources drawn from Stanford University and horizon questions of global importance contributed by our member organizations, inquiring minds in the mediaX community are continually asking and answering, giving feedback and receiving it, in pursuit of discovery, always learning.

The conference will start with people – how they sense, feel, think and learn. 

We’ll apply knowledge about human sense-making to our explorations of sensors and signals, information processing, analysis, and reasoning by machines. Fast-moving research at the cutting edge of visual, audio and haptic technology development provides insights on new ways to deliver input to the human senses for sense-making.

We’ll add several dimensions of humanity to the human-machine interface in order to leverage both sides of the sense-making question. We'll scale up to integrate findings from several fields and develop a unified understanding with broad applicability in complex settings. We'll scale down to articulate fundamental phenomena and explore them with disciplinary rigor. Each lens produces a unique perspective.

Here are a few of the Thought Leaders you'll hear from...

John Seely Brown: Co-Chairman of the Deloitte's Center for the Edge; The Game is Changing, Are We? Reframing the Human-Machine Relationship

Amy Kruse: Chief Technology Officer for Cubic; Humans as Sense-Making Machines 

Michal Kosinski: Assistant Professor with GSB at Stanford University; Predicting Psychological Traits from Digital Footprints

Paul Saffo: Future Studies & Forecasting Track at Singularity University; Chasing Fire - IT's Crucial Role in Meeting This Century's Exponential Challenges

Allison Okamura: Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University; Haptic Systems for Enhancing the Human Sense of Touch 

Bill Newsome: Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford University; Neuroscience, Explanation and Free Will

Join us on April 20th as we share what we know and develop new discovery collaborations.

Sense-Making and Making Sense

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News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.