Rosetta Stone Webinar:Keys to a Successful ELL Parent Engagement Program

Online - May 19 1:00 am to 2:00 am

Price: Free

One of the most daunting obstacles for student success is a language gap – both in the classroom and at home – and research has shown the benefits and importance of parental engagement in their child’s education. Yet schools often find themselves at a loss on finding meaningful – and effective – ways to engage parents. As a result, school districts across the country are looking for resources to help bridge that gap. The 55 schools in the Cincinnati Public School District (CPS), Ohio’s third largest, is among the roughly 3,000 nationwide schools using online English language modules, such as Rosetta Stone, for English Language Learning (ELL) instruction. Nearly 6 percent of the CPS’s 33,000 students are ELLs, and this number continues to grow exponentially.

Two years ago, CPS teamed with a neighboring district on a state-funded grant project to offer Rosetta Stone’s ELL and World Language programs to not only all students, but to parents and its 3,200 staff members, as well, at no cost to the user. Parents have the choice of attending one-on-one-training sessions with a Technologist-in-Residence at designated venues, while those who are more computer-savvy can access the software directly at a CPS family-friendly website. Since September 2014, nearly 500 parents and more than 800 district educators have accessed the program.

Rosetta Stone Webinar:Keys to a Successful ELL Parent Engagement Program

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