Reimagine Education Conference and Awards 2016

Philadelphia, PA - Dec 5 8:00 am to Dec 6, 2016 10:30 pm

Price: more than $250

We’re reimagining education. Are you?


Technology’s transforming education, and you can help shape its future. That’s why we’ve organised Reimagine Education, a global conference allowing the world’s educational pioneers to unite & collaborate.


To be held in Philadelphia on 5th-6th December 2016, the conference encourages those innovating in the ed tech space to join Google, Microsoft, and IBM to discuss how the tried and tired can be replaced by the transformational, with keynotes from all of the above companies, and numerous networking sessions.


Registrations are now open here. To join global luminaries and reimagine education, book now!


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Reimagine Education Conference and Awards 2016

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