Real Teachers of Silicon Alley Teacherpreneurs Impact on EdTech

New York, NY - Jan 27

$1 to $50

The concept of teacherpreneurship has been around for a while, but how many NY teachers are actually becoming part-time or full-time founders? And how impactful/successful are teacher-led ventures compared with other edtech startups?


We'll discuss these questions and many more with panelists:                                                                          

Don Burton, Managing Director, Education Technology at TechStars

Maya Gat, CEO and Co-founder of Branching Minds

Mike Zamansky, Teacher & Founder of Stuyvesant High School's computer science program and non-profit CSTUY

Kara Carpenter, Co-founder of Teachley


Join us for the first NYEdTech event of 2015 and kick off the year with a memorable night of great networking, drinking and learning!


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