Programming Arduino

San Jose, CA - Oct 7 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Price: $51 to $250

Expand your drive to empower students to use Arduino to create interactive STEM/STEAM-based projects across a variety of subjects. We will explore the relationship between writing simple code to control a machine and using a variety of sensors as inputs and lights and motors as outputs in student projects. Teachers will:

  • Build a working machine from scratch that incorporates coding, physical inputs and outputs and chassis design.
  • Get comfortable with managing student projects that exceed their own technical knowledge.
  • Transition from block-based programming like Scratch to text-based coding for Arduino.
  • Be able to apply a design-thinking context to the Arduino-based project design.


Instructor: Ken Hawthorn

Designed for educators who are new to connecting a computer to circuit-based projects or have some experience with Makey-Makey.

Programming Arduino

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