San Francisco, CA - Jan 14 to Jan 17, 2016

Price: $51 to $250

Periscope Community Summit trended globally on Twitter during its first event, less than 7 months after the apps initial release.

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Over 10M downloads made Periscope the fastest growing social media app in history. The community of Periscope has grown just as quickly and bonded like no other social media platform to date. Brands have seen the amazing impact of LIVE STREAMING and engagement with an audience. Periscope Community Summit invite you to become part of the community.

The event itself is a mixture of tech conference, summer camp, and high school reunion.... that will continue to connect the world's most powerful and engaging social media experts with the early adopting brands to showcase products and help engage their culture to the world.

The Audience

Scopers from all over the world will once again fly in to celebrate and share knowledge about community, social and live streaming. Experts or fans there is no delineation in importance (and often impact of reach).

Speakers AND audiences will be streaming to hundreds of thousands of people each day showcasing your space. A single audience member can potentially have more of an impact on a brand's social media imprint than an entire conference has previously. The unquantifiable (I'm good with it. You know what it means) metrics of engagement, views of banners, eyes on logos, lanyards and screens are amazing.

We are redefining the way that social connects the world.

The Brands

Early adopters win. Each brand that has led initiatives through Periscope Community Summit has won in every sense of the word. T-Mobile makes CEO John Legere a legend and shows how amazing, hard working and is quick to adapt on Periscope. SanDisk has led initiatives to release new products and show off their wonderful culture at HQ and has been rewarded in ways that we're still trying to figure out. While the numbers (like CPI, amount of tweets, sales measured through trackable links) have far been exceeded, we continue to have wonderful conversations about the lasting connection to a community and leverage all assets.

The Video/Streaming

Along with the INSANE amount of streaming this will be the final filming location of the START BROADCAST (@Start_Broadcast) documentary. The START BROADCAST crew has filmed the growth of the Periscope community from the beginning and has already travelled to San Francisco once, New York, Europe and multiple other US states. Find out more and help them with this next round of funding by clicking the link below. Once again... here's wonderful opportunity to be a part of social media history.

In conclusion, Periscope Community Summit is the most fun conference that you'll ever go to learn. The thought leaders, emerging brands, up and coming musicians, viewers, fans... are all here... and quite often they all fall into multiple categories. This is a social community of tech that connects the world in very real ways and we, as a community, are redefining the way that the world communicates. Would you like to be a part of it?

This Event is not organized or sponsored by Periscope or Twitter. Rather this event is organized by Periscope users like you.

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News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.
News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.