Open edX Meetup

New York, NY - Apr 7 6:00 pm

Price: Free

Microsoft, Knewton, Fordham University, Columbia University, edX, McKinsey, IBL, and Free Learning Channel X representatives will share their insights around content creation and methodology on the Open edX platform through 8-minute talks and a final round table.


- Rhonda Nicholson, Microsoft

- Kristen Weeks, Knewton

- William Fenton, Fordham University

- Michael Cennamo, Columbia University

- Joel Barciauskas, edX

- Sylvia Ko, McKinsey Academy

- Derrick Lewis, Free Learning Channel X

- Michael Amigot, IBL Open edX

This event will be live broadcasted and open to outside participation. All of the talks will be filmed and distributed throughout the Open edX community. This fourth Open edX meetup will be sponsored by McKinsey Academy, WeWork and IBL. Access is free, although seats are limited. Beer and pizza will be served.

Real-time updates at #openedxny.

Watch last meetup's talks at iblcampus and download them through our app!

Open edX Meetup

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