Oakland Startup Weekend EDU

Oakland, CA - Feb 21 6:30 pm to Feb 23, 2014 9:00 pm

Welcome to the (first ever) Oakland Startup Weekend EDU!

Our event is similar to the traditional Startup Weekend Event, except it includes a fourth crucial participant category: educator. Who better to speak about problems and solutions in education than educators and school leaders?

This isn’t a mere hackathon. Hackathons produce products or features; Startup Weekend EDUs produce new ventures. These could take the form of a new startup, or an internal venture incubated by a school. By bringing together education rockstars, marketing maestros, design gurus, relentless hackers, and serial entrepreneurs, ventures launched at a Startup Weekend get a team completely aligned around their mission, working with a harmony that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Oakland Startup Weekend EDU

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