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NY EdTech Expo Night: Investing ourselves in EdTech

New York, NY - Mar 20 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Price: $1 to $50

Teachers College, Columbia University and NY EdTech Meetup are proud to present the 2018 NY EdTech Expo!

Attendees will be treated to an interactive experience with more than 10 EdTech startups, discover new ways to support learning, and give real feedback to entrepreneurs building new products for the classroom.


For All:

  • EdTech Expo
  • Super Speakers
  • Expert Investor Panel

For Teachers:

  • "Tackling an EdTech Expo" Workshop

EdTech innovators, including entrepreneurs, educators, investors, and enthusiasts are all invited to participate in our Expo to visit the booths of our startups, learn about their work, and offer them suggestions. Keep an eye on the NY EdTech Meetup page to find out more about our presenting companies.

In addition to the expo, we'll be hosting 3 amazing speakers, for 5-minute presentations and Q&As. Our speakers are:

  • Ignacio Jayo - high school teacher, STEM lab manager, and creator of CentennialX, an incubator for high school students engaging in challenges presented by industry professionals.
  • Joey Nutinsky - founder and CEO of Ruvna, providing school safety systems to help schools stay connected in emergency situations.
  • Emily Kirsch - Instructional Technology Coach and Manager of Community Outreach for Educate, supporting schools with pedagogically sound integration of technology across New York City.

Our speakers will be followed by an expert panel discussing theinvestor perspective on edtech. The panel will be moderated by Michelle Dervan, a Principle for ReThink Education, a venture capital firm focused on education technology.

Calling all teachers! Prior to the General Admission, there will be a professional development session for current teachers and TC students around vetting, selecting and effectively integrating the just right EdTech tool for your classroom. Earn 2 CTLEs!

NOTE ON CHECK IN: All attendees must present a photo ID at security on the way into the building.

NY EdTech Expo Night: Investing ourselves in EdTech

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News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.