NMC Summer Conference Showcase in Higher Ed

Cambridge, MA - Jun 13 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Price: $1 to $50

Are you a higher education startup interested in getting in-front of higher ed administrators and faculty that are actively researching, selecting, and implementing edtech products into their institutions? If so, June 13th, presents an important showcasing opportunity.

What's the event? LearnLaunch is partnering with the 2017 NMC Summer Conference to provide higher education administrators and faculty with access to the most innovative products in New England.

Who should showcase? Companies who are working on augment reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, gaming and simulation, blockchain and credentialing, adaptive learning, Internet of Things, digital literacy, learning inside and outside of the classroom, or IT support and training products should showcase.

What stage of startup do you have to be? Those interested in attending must have a product that is in demo stage or beyond, under a million dollars in revenue, be willing to receive direct feedback from attendees, and be interested in piloting products in institutions of higher education. If you do not meet these criteria, your registration will be automatically cancelled.

NMC Summer Conference Showcase in Higher Ed

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