Napa Valley Education Exchange

Napa Valley, CA - May 1 to May 3, 2014

Price: more than $250


The mission of the Napa Valley Education Exchange is to advance learning in our schools by bringing together educators, students, change agents, thought leaders, and visionaries to exchange innovative ideas and technological resources on an annual basis.


  • 2011 – Leadership, Learning and Wellness
  • 2012 – Building the School of the Future
  • 2013 – Practical Approaches Toward Transforming Schools
2014 GOALS
  • CONNECT with exemplary school districts that have transformed themselves around Common Core and 21st Century Teaching and Learning.
  • LEARN practical approaches for transforming your school or district so that you, your team, and students are engaged and excited.
  • LEAD the way by designing a course of action that will best prepare your students with 21st Century Skills-Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity.
  • SHARE your unique plan with other teams at the conference using Critical Friends protocol.

Napa Valley Education Exchange

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