Microcontrollers with SparkFun

San Jose, CA - Aug 7 9:00 am to Aug 11, 2017 5:00 pm

Price: more than $250

In this five-day workshop, educators will dive into and build foundations in electronics, programming, computer science and making for their classroom. You’ll be introduced to the basics of circuits, electricity, engineering and computing using Arduino. The course will focus on the technical aspects and the pedagogy, activities, pacing and strategies for implementing a project-based STEM classroom. Some key tools you will use are the Processing programming language, the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino, the LilyPad e-textiles line and the SparkFun RedBot robotics platform.

$1,000 (includes $400 worth of take-home classroom hardware)Instructors: Jeff Branson and Brain HuangDesigned for middle school and high school educators who want to learn to implement physical computing, programming and electronics into their curriculum.Additional resources: Course syllabus

All workshops are held at the Bowers Institute @ The Tech, 145 W. San Carlos St., San Jose. Learn more about parking and payment policies. For more information, send an email to bowersinstitute@thetech.org.

Microcontrollers with SparkFun

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