Measuring Student Engagement in the Digital Age

Online - Oct 7 8:00 am to 9:00 am

Price: Free

Technology has brought promising advances to the classroom and it is here to stay. But how can you be sure that using electronic devices and implementing blended learning programs is going to help your students engage more deeply with any subject?

Join Drs. Ryan Baker and Jaclyn Occumpaugh, leading researchers in the field of human-computer interaction, as they explore this question further. 

Here are three reasons to register:

  • Get a more rigorous understanding of what student engagement really means so you can select digital tools that are not merely entertaining but have high instructional value.
  • Learn more about formal protocols that measure engagement levels so you can select blended learning programs that help increase instruction time without having to extend the school day.
  • Take this unique opportunity to hear directly from research experts and ask questions about the relationship of technology and student engagement.

Measuring Student Engagement in the Digital Age

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