info session

Making Better Choices: Using the CWiC Framework to Find Courseware That's Right for You

Sep 20 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm


Navigating the market of courseware solutions can be overwhelming. How do you identify courseware that meets the needs of your students? What constitutes “good” courseware? What are best practices when evaluating product features and efficacy research? The Courseware in Context Framework supports postsecondary decision-makers in navigating the market of courseware solutions. It is designed to help drive better-informed adoption and implementation decisions with the goal of improving outcomes for students. The Framework offers faculty, administrators, and instructional designers an inventory of product capabilities along with research and implementation guides.


Join us as we dive into the CWiC Framework and instruments, including how the instruments were developed and their intended use. Listen to how the University of Georgia is using the framework currently, including observations and suggestions for best use.