LearnLaunch Class: How to Sell Your Product on a Shoestring Budget (Marketing Class Series Part 3)

Boston, MA - May 12 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

$1 to $50

Level: BeginnerTrack: Marketing & PR

This is the third class in the April/May Marketing Class Series.

Many edtech companies are selling products with an order size of less than $10,000. How can you effectively and efficiently sell to schools and districts?

This class cover:

  • How a growing edtech company can set up sales
  • When is face to face selling required?
  • How to scale your business with an inside sales approach
  • the most effective inside sales techniques
  • what is needed to support inside sales
  • how to build a high-performing inside sales team from the ground up


Event Location:First Republic Bank160 Federal Street 8th Floor Boston, MA 02210

Event Sponsor:First Republic Bank