Learning Technology Workshop

Durham, NC - Jun 12 9:00 am to Jun 13, 2017 5:00 pm

Price: Free

The Duke Learning Technologies Workshop covers developing, managing, and using educational technology (EdTech) such as Learning Management Systems, LTI, APIs, next generation learning environments and ecosystems, courseware, adaptive learning, DevOps practices, blockchain, Domain of One’s Own, student agency, digital identity and security, or digital fluency.

This workshop is an unconference or Open Space conference. The structure of the event is outline below, all attendees are encouraged to think about what topics most interest you and suggest them during agenda creation each day. Our hope is the workshop helps address current issues, best practices experienced, build out conceptual models, and collect examples of real-life use cases. The intended audience is IT architects, educational technologists, faculty, and software engineers from many universities.

Learning Technology Workshop

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