Learning and the Brain 59: Teaching Purposeful Minds

Online Apr 17 9:00 am to Apr 18, 2021 3:00 pm - Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Price: more than $250

Although students today are feeling lost, detached, and uncertain about their future, educators can provide them with the tools they need for coping and growing. Researchers from the psychological sciences have found that we can help students overcome challenges in school and in life by providing a sense of purpose, connections, love, and exploration (including curiosity). Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman proposes that Psychologist Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" is more like a ship than a pyramid where the sail that propels self-transcendence and success in navigating life's challenges are purpose, love, and exploration.

This virtual conference will explore the importance of purpose, connections (including love and belonging), and curiosity and exploration, and how they can help support learning, coping, and personal growth. Discover how to provide students with a sense of purpose; help students feel a sense of connection and belonging; and explore ways to cultivate curiosity and exploration in schools to improve learning so that students can better navigate the shoals of school and life's uncertainty and challenges.

Learning and the Brain 59: Teaching Purposeful Minds

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