Language Teachers Meetup in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium - Jan 20 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Price: Free

This meetup is aimed at those teaching languages as a foreign language to people in and around Brussels.

Either by way of business language schools, employed directly by the bigger companies or freelance.

It's also for those of you who are just considering becoming a language teacher and would like some advice.

Or it could be that you like hanging around with language teachers! Whatever your motivation, you are very welcome.

Are you ready to swap ideas and lesson plans, pick up tips and exchange stories and job information?

Holiday recovery time is over, and now we have to start fulfilling our New Year’s resolutions: network more, look for better jobs, devise some more interesting lesson plans and stop watching TV.

Join us on Tuesday, January 20 at the Flamingo Café in Brussels for a toast to the New Year and to get to know other attendees.

Turn up whenever you can after work, I’ll be there from 18:30.

Our sponsor,, is providing one free drink of your choice (wine, beer or soda) and anyone hungry can grab something to eat there, too.

Language Teachers Meetup in Brussels

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