iPads, Chromebooks and the Mobile K12 Education Opportunity

Chicago, IL - Jul 23 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Price: Free

Join us for an Educelerate (@Educelerate) panel discussion "K-12 Classrooms a Gogo: iPads, Chromebooks and the Mobile Education Opportunity." In the last four years, millions of iPads have been deployed in schools across the US, generating headlines both for their positive impact on student outcomes as well as stories of more challenged roll-outs. (something actually written on this previously - see Making the iPad a Robust School Instructional Platform on Educelerate.com.

And it just so happens that Chicago is home to no less than THREE of the world's leading mobile K-12 edtech platforms for the Apple iPad ecosystem, including our esteemed panelists:

  • Classkick (@classkick) - co-founder and CEO Andrew Rowland. Backed by Chicago VC Lightbank and leading social impact fund Kapor Capital (Mitch Kapor), Classkick brings real-time feedback and teacher-made assignments to the iPad. Classkick believes that the key to making great edtech tools is to deeply and fundamentally understand the challenges teachers, students, and parents face everyday.
  • eSpark Learning (@eSparkLearning) - founder and CEO David Vinca and CTO Luke Shepard. Backed by Chicago venture fund MK Capital and leading edtech venture funds Learn Capital and New Schools Venture Fund, eSpark enables teachers to bridge the gap between engagement and academics on the iPad. Their platform curates the best iPad educational apps available and personalizes a plan for each learner's unique needs.

    Otus (@otusplus) - co-founder and Chief Product Officer Christopher Hull. Backed by Chicago's Bluhm family, Otus is an easy-to-use, yet powerful classroom tool that brings the best iPad and Chromebook education features together into one secure environment, and uses a single login. Otus is also a social enterprise with a mission to level the playing field in education through access to technology. Otus will always be free for teachers and students, with no in-app purchases, add-ons, ads, or premium features. 

  • iPads, Chromebooks and the Mobile K12 Education Opportunity

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