Invitational Interview Day

San Francisco, CA - Jun 9 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Price: Free

KIPP Bay Area Schools would like to invite you to our Invitational Interview Day for teaching positions for the 2014-15 school year.

What is an Invitational Interview Day? Our Invitational Interview Day provides candidates a guaranteed in-person interview and lets them skip several steps of our pre-screening process. During the Invitational Interview Day, candidates will participate in in-person interviews, a sample teach, and have an opportunity to visit and tour the school.

What are the benefits of attending an Invitational Interview Day? First, you’ll get to skip several parts of our normal selection process, including the longer application, online interview, and Sample Teach video. The only step to complete prior to the day is the Resume submission form below. The second benefit is that you’ll know if you’re hired within two business days of the interview day.

When and where is the Invitational Interview Day? Interviews will be Monday, June 9th at one of our school locations in the Bay Area. You’ll receive an individualized schedule the week before. SAVE THE DATE!

How can I be considered for the Invitational Interview Day? Simply complete the form below, and you’ll be notified within 2 business days if you’ve received an invitation for the day.

Invitational Interview Day

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