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Hiring a Dev Team

Portland, OR - Oct 1 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Price: Free

Want to know who Portland companies are hiring? With more than half a million vacant high-tech jobs across the country—and with university computer science programs generating only a small portion of the candidates for these jobs—where do companies find developers? Are they hiring from code schools, and, if so, how do these developers stack up? Find out at this panel discussion, moderated by Hello World founder Dan Linn and featuring recruiting and hiring managers from some of Portland's top tech companies, including Urban Airship, Jama, and New Relic.

Tweet questions for the panelists to #PDXtechdevjobs.

Join us for pizza, drinks and a special Q&A about how to hire—or join—a dev team in 2015.

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Hiring a Dev Team

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