Hack: Life Skills in Education

New York, NY - Apr 12 9:30 am all day

Price: Free

On April 12, 2014 professionals, leaders, and graduate students will work togethers to create, inspire, and “hack” innovative personal development solutions that can be employed in schools. Most American high school students' experiences with lessons on the development physical and emotional wellbeing, personal finances and other life skills are perfunctory at best. As we as a country grapple with the question of the role of the school in our society, we nevertheless must realize that school may be the only training ground that many students have to develop the skills they need in order to thrive beyond their K-12 experiences. 

How might educational policies, practices, organizations and technologies better prepare students to be successful adults? In this day long interactive event, participants will explore the role of relationships, support environments, and creative stimulation in supporting students' personal development while working together in interdisciplinary teams following a facilitated design thinking process. Prepare to brainstorm and conceptualize:

• apps

• policies

• curricula

• spaces

• organizations

…and more with others interested in getting students more engaged in their education.

Hack: Life Skills in Education

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