Gradeable Social 3: An Assessment Debate

Boston, MA - Mar 6 5:30 am to 7:30 am

Price: $1 to $50


High-stakes, low-stakes, or alternative assessments? Our third Gradeable Social will be based on discussing the pros and cons of each form of testing as well as sharing best practices for each.


  • Do you support the required state tests?
  • Are you experimenting with formative assessments or exit tickets?
  • Have you discovered an alternative that works
  • Or maybe something cool we don't even know about? 

Join us to build your #PizzaLearningNetwork (or your PLN) and for some real education talk—as always, free pizza and wine!)

Educators, ed-tech bloggers, administrators, parents, education students and professors, and anyone who wants to discuss everything and anything assessments. 

Looking for a free ticket? Any registered Gradeable user can use their promo code, already sent via email. Can't find it? Email us.

Gradeable Social 3: An Assessment Debate

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